Transforming Our State of Classrooms

About Interactive Whiteboards

Inspire Curiosity, Discovery With a Touch.

Interactive whiteboards combine the easy interactivity of the traditional whiteboard with the power of a computer, bringing a wealth of resources to the fingertips of teachers and students.

The board is combined with a computer and projector and displays the computer’s desktop on the board’s surface. Teachers and students control the computer by using their fingers or special pens. They interact with the projected images by moving text, rearranging items, changing size or color, highlighting and zooming into details, and by bringing resources from multiple sites into one location.

The first interactive whiteboards were introduced more than 20 years ago. There are millions of them used in learning environments around the world. Studies have shown increases in student engagement and academic achievement in classrooms where interactive whiteboards are integrated into the teaching and learning experience.

It just takes one visit to a classroom with access to an interactive whiteboard to feel the difference. There’s excitement in the room. Teachers are more expressive. Learners are more active. Shy, quiet students who love technology feel empowered to help their peers use the new tools. Learning changes from being a chore to being cool.

The Wisconsin Technology Initiative is working with two of the world’s leading instructional technology companies, SMART and Promethean to increase access to interactive whiteboards in learning environments.

See videos of interactive whiteboards in action:

  • SMART™ Board
  • Promethean ActivBoard