Transforming Our State of Classrooms

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the Wisconsin Technology Initiative (WTI)?
    WTI is a project established in 2010 by John P. and Tashia F. Morgridge. It provides grants to advance the integration of existing and emerging instructional technology within a wide variety of learning environments to improve engagement and academic achievement.
  2. Why are you doing this?
    Research indicates that interactive whiteboards benefit student engagement, motivation and knowledge retention. The technology has been successful in reaching students with a variety of learning styles.With tight budgets and growing demands, many Wisconsin educational facilities cannot afford to integrate technology to the desired degree. WTI works with districts that demonstrate an ability to support the effective use of interactive whiteboards but lack adequate funding.
  3. Are private schools eligible?
    Initially, WTI grants will be awarded to public school districts and secondary educational institutions. In the future, those outside the public school and secondary institutions may be eligible. Please check back on our web site for updates.
  4. When was the first grant awarded?
    The first round of grants was awarded March 2011 on an invitation-only basis to school districts that demonstrated leadership in using interactive whiteboard technology in classrooms. There are now two grant application cycles open to all eligible schools – in April/March and October/November. A limited number of applications will be accepted for each grant cycle. See our Grant section for more information about current available grants.
  5. How does an educational facility qualify?
    WTI grants are not intended to start technology programs without the resources in place to support them. To qualify for grants, applicants will need to demonstrate the following:

    • Formal administrative support, both district and facility-based, capable of supporting the use of 21st century instructional technology.
    • A professional development plan for teachers that includes the use of instructional technology in classrooms.
    • A technology infrastructure capable of handling the demands of interactive whiteboards and ongoing IT support.
    • An active technology plan that includes classroom instructional technology.
    • Evidence of current technological utilization in classrooms.
  6. How do you apply for these grants?
    School districts are invited to submit a WTI grant application, available on this site, and submit to WTI as indicated. WTI’s grant committee, consisting of educators, technology contractors and advisory board members, will review applications to select grant recipients. These grants may be used in combination with other outside resources, such as state and federal grants, which school districts may already be receiving.
  7. Will the WTI have any direct contact with grant recipients?
    Yes. Recipients will be expected to report results one year after the grant is awarded. Some districts may be asked to act as briefing centers, helping to educate teachers throughout the state about the effective use of instructional technology. In addition, WTI will be hosting Share Fairs–daylong professional development events featuring a keynote speaker and teacher-led workshops, which will be hosted at one of the selected schools.
  8. Does WTI accept contributions?
    WTI is not a foundation. It is a project funded by John P. and Tashia F. Morgridge. Direct contributions to WTI will not be accepted. However, we are open to joint efforts with other foundations interested in furthering academic achievement among K-12 students. To discuss, , WTI Executive Director, at 608.245.5912.