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With “Fika” the Swedes have found a pretty good technique, which is probably something for everyone. After a proper Fika you are more relaxed and can better focus on Casino Bizzo.

Rarely do our moods sink to such a low level as in autumn and winter. The sun makes itself scarce, the temperatures go into the basement, and the stressful everyday life still doesn’t take a break. So who can we definitely take a leaf out of their book when it comes to serenity, relaxation and happiness in the cold months of the year? That’s right, the Swedes! It’s not without reason that they are represented in the top ten of the “World Happiness Report 2022”. So if there’s one thing we should take a cue from when it comes to contentment, it’s definitely from the nation that spawned ABBA and Ikea. One technique in the Swedes’ bag of tricks is the so-called “fika” – but what is that? We explain everything you need to know about it, and how it can help us find more balance in stressful times.



When we think of Sweden, we automatically think of snowy, charming towns, cool fashion and delicious cinnamon buns. And that alone shows: these people know how to live! Although the winter season can get freezing cold, they always make the best of it. One method: the “fika” – and no, that’s not the latest space miracle from Ikea.

Translated, the term primarily means simply coffee, but there’s much more behind it. Swedes consciously make time in their daily lives for “fika,” where they enjoy a delicious cup of the wake-up drink in good company, bite into a juicy cinnamon bun or a piece of cake, and talk. In fact, this little time-out is so deeply integrated that it is even enshrined in some employment contracts. It is used for private meetings, but also for professional networking. It’s logical, after all: what better way to chat about work and make new agreements than over a fresh cup of coffee and a piece of pastry?

“Fika” in our everyday life: How can we integrate the Swedish break into our routine?

"Fika" in our everyday life

Luckily, to enjoy your own “fika,” you don’t need much. Grab a cup of coffee – or, of course, an alternative that tastes better to you, a delicious snack of your choice, and give yourself twenty to thirty minutes of quiet time. Make a date with friends or colleagues and, above all, do without your cell phone. Stay away from any kind of screen and focus either on being with each other, a good book or your own thoughts.

We often underestimate the importance of conscious downtime in everyday life – and what such a break should actually look like in order to actually be able to switch off. In order to be able to shut down for a short time, we also have to mentally prepare ourselves for it. So scrolling through Tiktok or Instagram on your phone and eating something on the side completely unconsciously isn’t exactly effective. Integrate “fika” regularly into your routine and you will notice that your perceptiveness, attention and motivation will be much greater than usual afterwards.

“Fika” in Sweden: With these delicious dishes you can enjoy Quality Time authentically at home.

Now to the really important things: What snack do we indulge in during our well-deserved “Fika”? The Swedish classic is of course the cinnamon bun, which you can even prepare quite easily in a cup at home. However, for those who want to try something different from Swedish cuisine, there are a few alternatives.

In keeping with the name, Swedes like to eat fikabröd, a kind of blueberry-marzipan roll. Chokladbollar, or chocolate balls, are also very popular. Of course, you can always have cookies or cookies, which are available on every corner at this time of year anyway. So you realize: as long as it’s sweet, makes your mouth water and can give you a little bit of happiness in your everyday life, it’s the right choice. Then the first official “fika” can start!

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